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Work I've been producing over the years. Still under construction, a lot of posts are unfinished.


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Chitter is a collaborative project between myself, codl and bugQ based on the federated network. The idea behind Chitter was to provide a safe and private space for friends and mutuals to interact with each other away from the mainstream social network 'Twitter'. I am in charge of maintaining the hosting for the site keeping everything...

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Raccoon Radio

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Raccoon radio was a self-hosted IceCast station for the public to listen to, broadcasting 24/7 video game music, demoscene and music productions by friends. The station included a custom webpage with a music visualiser that anyone using a modern web browser can use to tune in! Raccoon radio was also being used to provide music for interludes...

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Sly Cooper-Style Character

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Insert Text Here......

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Zootopia Style-Hyena

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Insert text here......

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2017 Music Productions

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Music I've produced during 2017....

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