Chitter is a collaborative project between myself, codl and bugQ based on the federated network. The idea behind Chitter was to provide a safe and private space for friends and mutuals to interact with each other away from the mainstream social network 'Twitter'. I am in charge of maintaining the hosting for the site keeping everything online, and also the graphic design work/choices. Codl is the site's technician providing user support if something doesn't work properly, Codl is also in charge of the site's framework providing new features and updates, BugQ also works in these fields too, as well as working as one of the site's friendly administrators, responding to report tickets and keeping everything under control.

Most recently chitter has been given a new mascot, illustrated by the wonderful Danfoxx and FxSql. We will be opening up art submissions soon for the chitter mascot, works of art by the community will be displayed on the 'Getting Started' panel next to the main timelines.

Come visit! We are always open to new registrations -