FLAPEGGIO is a Flappy Bird clone I created using Multimedia Fusion 2 as part of a project for college.

The latest version can be downloaded for free from here: https://violetraccoon.itch.io/flapeggio

The music used in this game is by Nagz ( https://soundcloud.com/nagz-chiptune ), used without permission and for absolutely no commercial purpose.

As part of the college module, I was also required to collect some user feedback to make improvements on the game. Here are some of the reviews


This  is really cool! I loved the music and how the flap sounds fit with the  music really well. the visuals are pretty great too. The game is  polished and well done! Maybe if there was a touch of alteration in the  gameplay it would be a little more unique.4/5


This  looks, feels and sounds very nice! I played for about ten minutes and  didn’t have any problems, though a couple of nit picks:- you can use space to flap, but you didn’t say so- a more prominent sound for when you fail would be nice since a couple times i didn’t realise i’d failed.apart from that it’s really good


Visually  it’s very impressive, although the line that keeps going up the screen  is distracting. Gameplay wise, controls are fine but it glitches  often, and as for the music it’s fantastic, music fits the game and  sound effects really well it’s seriously amazing. And well done for not stealing any sprites, having an animated background and music and sound effects that aren’t annoying.3/5.


Nice retro feel. good looking game with  just the right level of difficulty, and the soundtrack adds a good sense  of urgency. Potential for a lot more development4/5.

Miles Osborn

game itself is pretty god damn  impressive, playing it through now. One thing i’d say, is some sort of  sound effect or transition when the player dies

just noticed the  effect when you overtake your high-score, and that’s a nice touch, same  with the occasional low-opacity score going across the screen

Hmm, well it’s quite a low graphic game with technoey music, which is a  pretty big genre, so could try looking at other similar games and their  sound effects, and work from there. But yeah, I think some sort of “oh no, you failed” sound would work well.

The gold achievement is pretty low, also,  a small bug, when you get to a high score of 1000 - don’t know the  actual number the problem starts. the score and the words “high score”  start to overlap quite badly