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Work I've been producing over the years. Still under construction, a lot of posts are unfinished.

2016 Music Productions

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Music I've produced during 2016...

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Nick Wilde (TiltBrush)

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It's 2016, the HTC Vive has just been released to consumers, my pre-order had arrived early, I needed to get my hands on some of the productive tools that were already available for the unit. TiltBrush was one of the pieces of software I recieved for free with my pre-order of the HTC vive so I needed to...

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2015 Music Productions

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Music I've produced during 2015....

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Midnight Rally

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During my first year at University, before switching to Computer Games Art I was taking a Computer Games Technology course. One of the modules on this course during the foundation year involved taking the 'Vehicle Game' example project from Unreal 4 and using it to build your own map. I decided to not only build a new map...

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my old site for my old alias insert text here......

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