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Midnight Rally

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During my first year at University, before switching to Computer Games Art I was taking a Computer Games Technology course. One of the modules on this course during the foundation year involved taking the 'Vehicle Game' example project from Unreal 4 and using it to build your own map. I decided to not only build a new map...

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Star Arcade

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Star Arcade was my final major project for college. During my final year at college, I was fascinated by what was possible with the Unreal 4 Engine, so since I'd been learning how to model using Cinema 4D, I'd combine my knowledge with that application and see if I could bring that work into Unreal 4. Rather than...

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FLAPEGGIO is a Flappy Bird clone I created using Multimedia Fusion 2 as part of a project for college. The latest version can be downloaded for free from here: https://violet.pm/public/FLAPEGGIO_-_MAC_AND_PC.zip - Windows and Mac only, Mac version is incomplete and buggy. In the meantime, use wine to run the...

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Audio Hunt

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