Violet Procyon is very much so a fictional representation of my real-life self who is quite shy, very happy at times and loves a good hug. Her mood can be a reflection of those who are around her, if her friends are happy, she is happy too (etc.).

The name ‘Violet Procyon’ is a combination of her favourite colour and the Latin name for the raccoon, Procyon Lotor.

Her height is 5 ft 7 and she loves eating fish as her favourite food. Her fur colour is stripes of pale brown, light gray and black with some patches of white fur, her eye colour is a yellowy-brownish colour

For clothing she wears a purple sweater, blue jeans, a pink or purple bow and a bell collar, she also loves stripey things! She doesn’t usually wear any footwear and goes around in bare paws. Finally her hair is brown and quite long around the back, going down to the top of her shirt.

Violet uses both neutral (they/their) pronouns and female (she/her) pronouns.

Gift art and commissions of Violet can be found here